Experts’ opinions

Vissza a Főoldalra

Prof. Dr. Andras Falus

Biologist, Member of Hungarian Academy of Science
Director of the Department of Genetics, Cell- and Immunobiology Institute, Semmelweis University
President of the Hungarian Immunology Association
President of the Immunology Committee – Hungarian Academy of Science
Széchenyi Award, Neumann János Award, J.B. West Award, Kesztyűs Lóránd Emlékérem Award, Awarded by “Scientist of the year”
“In an earlier work (Fenyő et al, Opposite effect of linearly polarized light on biosenthesis of Interleukin -6 in a human B lymphoid cell line and peripheral human monocytes, Cell Bio. Intern. 26:265-9) two medical universities in collaboration have examined the in vitro effect of Linearly Polarized Light (LPL) on a model group divided into a control group (not treated with light) and the treated model systems treated with not polarized but diffused light.

Isolated mononuclear phagocyte cells were taken out of the blood of healthy humans to measure the extent of Interleukin-6 production. This cytokine plays a key role in regulating inflammations. The in vitro polarized light LPL treatment has significantly blocked the monocytes of producing Interleukin-6. The specificity of LPL is proven trough the fact, that at the same time the same LPL effect has stimulated (increasing) a human’s B lymphocyte cell Interleukin-6 production, as well as the autokrin effect. The outcomes prove the selective efficiency of polarized light on human cells.”


Prof. Dr. Kárpáti Pál

Candidate of Medical Science, Cardiologist, Honorary Teacher, Fellow of the European Cardiology Society
Polarized light’s curing and stimulating effects in case of internist type of diseases.

“Treating the body with Sensolite polarized light therapy (capable raying the entire body at once with polarized light) can be used in an entire range of internist type of diseases. In case of internist type of diseases we use the 1 cm deep penetration depth of polarized light since it reaches all the white and red blood cells within the capillaries. The white blood cells responsible for immunity are stimulated and the red blood cells capability to transport and bind oxygen is increased. All these effects can be transmitted to all of our cells of human organism, vitals and where the light can’t brake through.
In many cases the therapy can be used only under medical supervision. In case of necessity prescribed medications should be applied as before treatment.

It is proven that in case of bacterial and viral infections it enhances the immunologic processes, besides its preventive effect it also shortens the timeleg of recovery after a given illness.
In case of heart and vascular diseases polarized light’s effect emerges through the excess oxygen transported through the bloodstream which makes the walls of the arteries more flexible, the fibers healthier, thus it also helps the functioning of the heart, lung and other vitals. Of course this previous statement is also valid for the brain’s and limb’s vascular systems. (…)

After surgery it has a double effect, first of all it speeds up the wound healing process and on the other hand it improves the general well being feeling of the patient. It rapidly decreases pain and thus the boundaries of physical movement are torn down earlier. Due to less pain and increasing physical activity the area of surgery is better supplied with blood and thus the healing process is more efficient and faster.
It plays an important role in the healing process of locomotor diseases, some dermatologic and neurologic diseases. This can be basically explained by the inflammation reducing and  stimulating effect of the immunologic processes.”


Dr. Knoll Zsolt Ph.D.

Orthopedic surgeon

“With regards to the enquiry of Marta Fenyő I have indicated several patients with various type of symptoms to test Sensolite Polarized Light Therapy.

According to the patients’ written and oral summaries and my own research it can be stated that according to the experiences gathered Sensolite has an outstanding effect in case of bone fractures proven by X-raying (the treatment has halved the time of rehabilitation), easing clinical symptoms and pain in the inflamed phase of rheumatic arthritis, speeding up the course of viral infections, mitigating the inflamed phase of psoriasis, cicatrizing of clinically proven persistent crural ulcers (the treatment quartered the time of healing) and halved the time of healing tercovaginitis)”


Dr. Anna Madarasi

Pediatrician, Pulmonologist

“The practical use of polarized light treatment within Pediatrics:
In case of treatment within the age of infancy it is primary that it can safely be applied already in case of new-born.
Of course also in case of Sensolite the general rule applies that the earlier the therapy is applied the better the effect and end result. According to the practical knowledge gathered we have seen excellent results in the treatment of patographic cases described below.
– Dermatology: atopic dermatitis, eczema, acne conglobata, acne vulgaris, wound healing, absorption of scars, osilosis.
– Allergology: hay fever, asthma, food allergy
– Endocrinology: menses dysfunction, adiposity
– General pediatrics: recurrent resoiratory infections, bronchitis
– Laryngology: highmoritis
– Neurology: rehabilitation on muscle-tone dysfunction due to anoxic condition.”