Having wounds in your mouth, problem with periodontitis or just simply pain because of dental braces?

The solution is MIOLITE ®

Our licensed Polarized Light Therapy dental device offers you a real solution!

This invention is a milestone in the preservation of health, prevention of illnesses and the alleviation of pain feeling inside the oral cavity.

Miolite ® Polarized Light Therapy device is the latest generation of polarized light therapy equipments.

Its special design makes possible to reach the hardly accessible areas of the oral cavity and thus enabling the treatment with polarized light.

Its small size and safe applicability make it suitable for comfortable home use.

What is Miolite ® and what is it for?

Miolite ® Polarized Light Therapy device is a portable medical device designed for the treatment of wounds and inflammation in the mouth. Let it be just a minor injury or severe pain after dental treatment, Miolite can reach even the most hidden spots in the mouth in order to accelerate the healing process.

It follows anatomically the shape of the mouth.

It is suitable for treating the mouth and the oral cavity, in particular around the gingival and periodontal parts (i.e. adjuvant therapy for chronic periodontitis) and for promoting the healing process and easing the pain caused by wounds in the oral cavity (i.e. chronic oral ulcerations).

Polarized light therapy is a natural method, it mobilizes the own protective mechanisms of the human organism.

Under the direction of the Inventor,  Márta Fenyő, for the first time in the world an equipment was designed and built being able to apply polarized light therapy on small surfaces being in the oral cavity. Miolite ® medical device – the source of polarized light – designed for the revitalization of the damaged tissues and for the healing of the pathological conditions inside the oral cavity.

It was created on the basis of the original invention of Márta Fenyő. This device is now available for everybody.

The effect of photobiomodulation (biostimulation) induced by the Polarized Light Therapy and exerted on the oral mucosa stimulates the tissues and promotes the wound healing process in a natural way, without damaging side effects.

Its effective agent, the Linearly Polarized Light mobilizes the own protection mechanisms, the immune system of the user.

Having wounds in your mouth, problem with periodontitis or just simply pain because of dental braces?

  • Healing of different oral mucosal conditions, including the alleviation of pain feeling: chronic oral mucosal pain (COMP), burning mouth syndrome (BMS), oral atrophic – erosive Lichen planus, mucous membrane pemphigoid, pemphigus vulgaris, oral systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).
  • Alleviation of pain feeling in the oral cavity.
  • Prevention of infection and inflammation after dental interventions (e.g. tooth implantation, removal of teeth).
  • Promotion of recovery from inflammation in the oral cavity.
  • Promotion of healing in case of oral wounds (e.g. aphta) or any sort of oral surgery interventions.
  • Adjuvant therapy of chronic periodontitis.
  • Healing of gingivitis and prevention of loosing the teeth.